If your company is looking for new partners, investors or customers we can help

We help you:

Prepare and Receive Professional Training and Mentoring
Our professionals and experts will work with you individually helping prepare your pitches, presentations etc. for specific events.

Represent Your Company
If you don’t have enough time and resources to invest in participating in different business events, our experienced specialists can represent your company in any event you may choose delivering quality messages and obtaining valuable contacts for you.

Choose from Wide Range of Business Events all Around the World
BSC constantly organizes different business development events for Armenian IT companies in different countries. We also collect information and research on the hottest and most targeted Events from Armenia all over the world which may be interesting for Armenian IT companies.


We have been building long-term partnerships with local & international reputable organizations, leading B2B platforms and business communities


We deliver high class business development solutions to businesses for 23 years and have loads of success stories

Current Projects

We constantly build new business development channels & partnerships, organize and take part in business events worldwide and enlarge our business networks

Armenian IT

We Invest in promotion of Armenian IT industry worldwide by representing Armenian IT companies in international platforms

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